Southern Cross Media of Central Florida LLC

Southern Cross Media of Central Florida is all about fostering growth for our client’s business. Charles Kiester uses his 35 years of experience in the business world to bring about change and bases the foundation of the company on three core principles. These principles are staying client focused, paying attention to the details that make a difference and doing what you say.

When our clients grow and find success, we grow with them which is why keeping our focus on our clients is so important. To quote a favorite motivational speaker, Zig Zigler, “expect the best, prepare for the worst and capitalize on what comes.” In our fast-changing world and especially with the constant change in technology, being able to adapt is critical, which often requires creative thinking and problem solving to get the desired result. We are here to help your business adapt and find ways to get where you want to go. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation on how together we can make your business work! 321 356-5350.

Our Services

WebSite Development

Your website is the center and core of your online presence. Keeping this core in mind, putting your best foot forward means a great first impression when someone visits your page.


Blog and Content Writing

Providing unique and interesting original content is an art form in this age of ever-increasing amounts of information coming in every format imaginable.

Local Service Ads

For certain industries your business can be found at the very top of the page for an online search in Google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An integral part of most any business marketing strategy is how to be seen and found online. Can someone do an online search using buzz words around your industry and find your business?

Reviews & Reputation Management

Have you ever looked at the reviews for a particular business or service to help decide on a purchase or whether you want to do business with a company?

Chat Service

Depending on your business and how people connect with you most likely you have a website. When you have a visitor to your website why not give them the ability to get in touch with you easily and in the way they like.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I have been very, very pleased with the service received to date. Charlie and his team have done everything I have asked of them, and with a smile and grace. I could not ask for more. They have been VERY responsive and helpful in helping me understand how their marketing services can help my business. I give my highest recommendations!

- Jeff Byrd

Charles and his team have several traits that any law firm should look for in a partner. They are always very prompt in response time; have the ability to convey complex technical issues to the layman; and make good decisions that lead to a more efficient and productive working environment. Covid has not slowed them down one bit. I highly recommend them to any law firm attempting to expand outreach to a larger clientele.

- Michael Lynch