Chat Service

Depending on your business and how people connect with you most likely you have a website. When you have a visitor to your website why not give them the ability to get in touch with you easily and in the way they like. Of course, a number is displayed for them to call and almost always a contact page with a form that can be fill out and submitted.

For some visitors to your website, they may feel more comfortable interacting through the chat service on your website. If you don’t already have chat, you may want to consider providing this service as another avenue to connect with your audience. Live agents are 24/7/365 and you can provide a script or guide for them as to the answers to common questions, the types of service you provide, the services you don’t provide or the clients you want.

Our monthly reports will provide a summary of each chat including dates, time, where the person on chat originated (paid ads, organic search, etc.) along with phone number and email when provided to the agent. This information can be used to cross check with your list of new clients to show which ones came through your chat service and show the ROI from the service.

Give us a call to expand the ways in which you connect with those who may want to do business with you. Call us at 321 356-5350.