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Live Chat Services

As a business owner, handling customer service support requests quickly and efficiently is challenging, especially in a world where 40% of consumers expect companies to respond to their requests within four hours. In addition to having a phone number for customers to call and a contact page with a questionnaire to fill out on your website, providing live chat services can be a beneficial way for customers to reach out to you directly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  

Benefits of Live Chat Services   

Live chats may be a potential client’s first interaction with your brand, so it must be handled well. Live chat services provide instantaneous communication between you and your potential clients without tying up your firm’s phone line or customer service support staff. It’s one of the fastest ways potential clients can engage with your brand. Your potential clients benefit from having a streamlined and efficient way to have their questions answered without spending time on hold. You’ll also have a detailed record of all customer service transactions and requests and collect contact information such as names and email addresses.  

Live Chat Services in Central Florida  

Live chat allows companies to handle customer service and support issues instantly. When a visitor lands on a specific page on a website, a little window will pop up, encouraging them to reach out with questions. Then, visitors are directed to an AI bot or a live customer service representative who immediately addresses their questions. Customer service representatives are given access to a dashboard that allows them to view and respond to messages in one place.   

How it Works 

Live chat features are embedded into your website and can be configured in several ways. You can set a delay for the chat screen to pop up after a visitor has been on a webpage for a certain time or automatically open the chat when someone lands on a particular page. The conversation is powered by live customer service agents who can utilize a script or guide to provide answers to common questions, set up consultations, respond to inquiries, and more. Live chat is available anytime, which is a great way for customers to reach out to you during non-business hours. We provide a comprehensive monthly summary of live chat interactions and the source of their chat. This information can be used to cross-check with your list of new clients to show which ones came through your chat service so you can see its effectiveness. Our service dashboard is streamlined, allowing agents to respond to multiple requests together in one place.  

Chat Services from Southern Cross Media of Central Florida  

Want to see live chat in action? Contact us using our live chat feature on the bottom left of this screen. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and see how a live chat feature may benefit your business. For more information about our live chat features and other digital marketing services, call 321 356-5350 to schedule a free consultation. 

For some visitors to your website, they may feel more comfortable interacting through the chat service on your website. If you don’t already have chat, you may want to consider providing this service as another avenue to connect with your audience. Live agents are 24/7/365 and you can provide a script or guide for them as to the answers to common questions, the types of service you provide, the services you don’t provide or the clients you want.

Our monthly reports will provide a summary of each chat including dates, time, where the person on chat originated (paid ads, organic search, etc.) along with phone number and email when provided to the agent. This information can be used to cross check with your list of new clients to show which ones came through your chat service and show the ROI from the service.

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