Local Service Ads

For certain industries your business can be found at the very top of the page for an online search in Google. Local Service Ads as the name implies is online advertising where your business can show up at the top of the world’s largest and most used online search service. This means phone calls and new clients are generated by putting your business in the mix with other businesses in your category to get the calls that help you grow. The service is unique in that you pay only for calls you receive and for certain calls you may receive a credit if they don’t qualify.

At Southern Cross Media of Central Florida, we do the leg work necessary to get your ad up and running, help shape your profile, manage your budget and bidding, target geography, select service categories, submit requests for credits and create ongoing reports to keep you apprised of results. Call for your free consultation to experience how these ads help your business grow.

Pay-per-Click Ads (PPC)

Your business may also be found at the top of page for an online search through Pay-per-Click advertising. Depending on the search terms and industry these ads may be found just below the Local Service Ads or at the very top of the first page of an online search in Google.

One important element to include is a landing page (an abbreviated web page) designed to compel action meaning a phone call or form submission by a potential client providing their contact information. We will create a landing page on the domain name you choose, set up your Ad campaign with ad creation including headlines and descriptions, set a bidding strategy, manage the ads to increase those that are working and pull those that are not, do keyword research, do competitor research, adjust ad quality score, and provide you monthly reports. In addition, we will provide, at our expense, a tracking phone number that forwards to whatever number you like. This will show you who became a new client from your ad and other useful feedback.

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