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Online Advertising

Are your organic marketing efforts on your website and social media channels not bringing in the traffic and leads you expect? One of the best ways to ensure your target audience sees your business online is to implement a paid online advertising strategy in addition to organic content marketing. Online advertising allows you to target specific audiences to reach the right clientele. They provide in-depth analytics and are often more affordable than traditional print or direct-mail advertisements.  

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Online Advertising Services from Southern Cross Media of Central Florida  

We can help manage your business’ online advertising efforts across a variety of platforms, including: 

Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC) 

Pay-per-click ads feature your business at the top of search engine result listings with a “sponsored” designation. Depending on the search terms and industry, these ads may be found just below Local Service Ads or at the top of the first page of a Google search. You pay when someone clicks on the ad, regardless of whether the person reached out to you directly from the ad. Pay-per-click ads allow you to reach a larger, global audience by bidding on keyphrases and displaying your ads in the result pages of those inquiries.  

Local Service Ads  

Local Service Ads are geographically targeted ads for search inquiries related to a type of business in a specific area. Leads are generated when your business is displayed in listings with other local providers. You only pay when someone contacts you directly through the ad. Local Service Ads generally have a lower cost per lead than other forms of online advertising.  

Social Media Advertising  

Your business has the opportunity to reach your target audience through effective social media advertising campaigns. The key is to have an experienced team run an effective advertising strategy that hones in on your target audience’s key metrics, like age, gender, interests, and location, to get successful results from your campaigns. You can also use tools like website cookies to place ads on social media after a customer has taken a specific action on your website, like adding an item to a cart, visiting your homepage, or filling out a contact form.  

Landing Pages  

Landing pages are an important part of all online advertising campaigns. These abbreviated web pages are designed to compel a customer to a specific action, such as submitting a form, making a phone call, or signing up for an email list. By having a different landing page for each ad you place, you can gain valuable insights and view analytics to determine how well your ad performs.  

How It Works  

We do the leg work necessary to get your ad running, help shape your profile, manage your budget and bidding, target geography, select service categories, submit credit requests, and create ongoing reports to keep you apprised of results. We create landing pages with the domain name you choose and manage all aspects of ad creation, from writing engaging headlines to setting a bidding strategy. We also monitor all active ads so your advertising dollars are used effectively. We investigate relevant keywords, perform competitor research, adjust ad-quality scores, and provide monthly reports. In addition, we offer a complimentary tracking phone number that is forwarded to whatever number you like. This will show you who became a new client from your ad and other useful feedback.  

Choose Our Digital Marketing Agency to Manage Your Online Advertising 

 We understand that paid advertising works hand-in-hand with other forms of digital marketing, and we ensure that you increase your ROI—not your ad spend. We have the experience and industry expertise to run successful ad campaigns for law firms and professional service providers throughout Central Florida. We will work with you to see how online advertising can fit into your overall digital marketing strategy.  Call us today at 321 356-5350 for a free consultation, and get your phone to ring! 
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