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Reviews & Reputation Management

Online reviews are an important part of your marketing strategy. Numerous surveys have shown how reviews play a critical role in making business decisions. For instance, 98% of consumers say they read reviews about local businesses before visiting a location. For legal professionals, 81% of consumers reported that reviews are an important part of choosing a firm for their legal needs. Across all industries, 85% of customers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. Don’t overlook such an important part of your business’ online presence by letting your online reputation fall by the wayside. Have a dedicated team manage your reviews to protect your online reputation. 

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Review and Reputation Management Services 

Our review platform helps you generate five-star reviews without lifting a finger. We use a multi-pronged approach that utilizes active and automated methods for seeking, monitoring, and sharing reviews. We strategically place testimonials and reviews throughout your website so visitors can hear from real people who’ve utilized your service in the past and give potential clients the confidence to choose you in the future. Our automated review request system gives your clients the opportunity to deliver feedback in various ways, such as providing review requests and incentives on client invoices, marketing emails, and in-office displays. 

We also help protect your online reputation by replying to customer reviews, assessing customer service requests, and removing fake or invalid reviews whenever possible. We specialize in providing review and reputation on management services for professional service providers and law firms, utilizing some of the most popular review websites in the industry, such as:  

  • Google  
  • Lawyers.com 
  • Avo 
  • Yelp 
  • Facebook  
  • LinkedIn

Our Process  

We help you generate positive reviews through automated drip email campaigns, thanking clients for their business and allowing them to review you if they like. We also will set up an in-office display with a QR code that customers can scan when visiting the office to post a review immediately after an appointment using their mobile device. We provide several tools to help your business respond to all customer reviews in one convenient location, regardless of the platform the customer used to leave the review. We work diligently to remove invalid, spam, and fake reviews whenever possible.  

Review and Reputation Management in Central Florida 

With 35+ years in the legal industry, we know reputation is everything. Trust us to monitor your online reputation through our comprehensive reputation and review management services from Southern Cross Media of Central Florida. Your business’ online reputation isn’t something to leave to chance. Have our expert team monitor your online presence with automated and engaging methods to generate regular reviews, respond to existing ones, and remove fake ones. With an effective review management strategy, you can gain valuable information from your clients and customers that will help you serve them better in the future.  

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Our reviews platform will help you to get new 5 Star reviews by taking a multi-pronged approach both active and passive. When someone visits your website having a reviews tab where your positive reviews are posted can be a benefit by giving them confidence your business is the right choice for them too. This passive approach is combined with actively seeking reviews through an automated drip email campaign thanking clients for their business and giving them the opportunity to review you if they like. In this same vein framed QR codes displayed in your office give clients the opportunity to you a review you in your office immediately after an appointment using their mobile phone.

Reputation management is another aspect of reviews that is essential. Unfortunately, negative reviews happen and how you respond is crucial. We provide you tools to do respond to each review from one location regardless of the reviews platform or website and we will seek to get negative reviews removed that violate the policies of the platform or website service.

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