Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An integral part of most any business marketing strategy is how to be seen and found online. Can someone do an online search using buzz words around your industry and find your business? If your business is not showing up, then Search Engine Optimization or SEO may be worth considering.

For some, how this all works is somewhat mysterious, and it may be hard to grasp what is necessary to get results. In most cases there are two factors, much like many endeavors in life, time, and proper consistent effort. We understand that SEO requires several actions all working in concert to produce the desired result of being seen and found online. In short, where does your website rank for different search terms?

Two of the major factors to help you rank are quality written content which is being added to on an ongoing basis and back links or referrals by other websites. Just like word-of-mouth advertising someone who refers you to someone they know is huge for getting new revenue for your business. Back links or links to your website from another website, especially websites that have a good reputation or are well respected and get lots of visitors tell the search engines your website must be reputable. In turn this means your website may well be displayed for a search and may rank higher up in a search.

Another major factor is the meta data and meta descriptions or put another way the information that is in part contained in the code of your website that is not seen when viewing a website. This is the more technical aspect of SEO that includes title tags, H1 headers, alt tags and other information that the search engine sees when crawling your website.

We can help take the mystery out of SEO for your business and get you seen and found online.

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