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Social Media Management

Being active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter is necessary for business owners today. However, with so many platforms to keep up with and all the hard work that goes into posting compelling content, you may find that managing your business’s social media pages is like having a second full-time job! Get back to doing what you do best when you partner with Southern Cross Media of Central Florida to manage your business’ social media pages. 

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Social Media Management Services  

We provide customized, done-for-you social media management services on the top-performing social media platforms for law firms and professional service providers, such as:  

  • Facebook  
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter 
  • LinkedIn  

We provide an in-depth social media marketing plan for your business that engages your target audience with relevant and topical posts designed for interaction. We will develop a strategy to determine which platforms are best suited for your business, then create a plan to post regular, engaging content on these platforms. We handle all aspects of content creation and curation, from designing eye-catching images to sharing thought-provoking blogs and resources to help your audience engage with your brand and trust you as an authority in your space. We also handle all the back-end tasks related to social media posting, such as scheduling posts, providing analytic reports, and maintaining active profiles across every platform. We also offer engagement services, monitoring likes and comments on posts and responding to customer service inquiries through social media private messaging.  

Our Process  

We curate relevant content and share resources that will answer common customer questions, provide insight into the services you provide, and help your audience get to know you and your staff. 

Posting personal content, such as attending charity events, running holiday toy drives, and sharing behind-the-scenes footage, are excellent ways to engage your audience and community, which builds trust and helps grow your followers. We provide online social media advertising services that will help you reach your target clientele based on age, gender, location, interests, and job titles. Analytics are also an important part of understanding how your digital marketing efforts work for you, so we provide frequent updates across your digital marketing platforms to ensure success and tailor your future strategy.  

Social Media Management with Southern Cross Media of Central Florida  

We have decades of experience working with law firms and professional service providers through a variety of digital marketing platforms, including the most highly-used social media platforms. We work with you to ensure your message is heard on the right platforms and use in-depth analytics to assess performance and make improvements. Our years in the industry have made us especially in tune with your target audience, allowing us to create relevant content that helps your audience get to know you and trust your brand while compelling them to action. Contact us today to get started with your free consultation to learn how social media marketing can help your business.   

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